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Reza Aslan-ein Religionswissenschaftler im Kampf gegen altbekannte Vorurteile gegen „den Islam“

„We’re not alone in recognizing the power of relationships to overcome differences. Research shows that simply knowing someone from another religious or ethical group often leads to more positive views of that group. That’s why personal relationships are indispensable when it comes to changing how we talk about religion and atheism. When you know and admire a Muslim or an atheist, it no longer makes much sense to make sweeping generalizations about either group as made up of fanatics or bigots. The logic of blanket statements falls apart when you’re confronted with the diversity of lived religious and nonreligious experience.

When 46% of Americans think Islam is more violent than other faiths but only 37% even know a Muslim, and when atheists remain one of the most distrusted groups in the country, it’s clear that a conversation between these two communities could benefit both. But that won’t happen until we Muslims and atheists commit to spending less time speaking past one another and more time speaking with one another.“

(Quelle: Aslan, Reza: „Violent“ Muslims? „Amoral“ Atheists? It’s Time to Stop Shouting and Start Talking to Each Other. The Guardian, October 19, 2014.)

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